Feeding and Eating Difficulties

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Feeding Difficulties

There is a spectrum of feeding and eating difficulties that range from mild and normal for certain developmental stages, to severe with infants and children refusing to drink breast or bottle feeds, rejection of meals and whole food groups and mealtimes that are stressful and extended. The latter can cause significant anxiety and concern for parents and have been shown to impact on quality of life.

Rosan has 26 years of paediatric nutrition experience. Her experience in feeding and eating difficulties started with the specialist feeding clinic at St. Mary’s Hospital in London and from 2005 she has been running a private feeding clinic with Sandra Grosso, specialist paediatric speech and language therapist  (I WILL SEND HER DETAILS) and as required by patients links in with occupation therapy and psychology.

She has numerous publications in the domain of feeding difficulties and has been lecturing on this topic to educate healthcare professionals for many years. She is also SOS trained and is able to deal with sensory based aversive eating and Avoidant Restrictive Intake Disorder (ARFID). For the last 3 years she is a Trustee for ARFID Awareness UK https://www.arfidawarenessuk.org/ and leads also the collaborative online course between Winchester University and ARFID Awareness UK on ARFID. https://store.winchester.ac.uk/short-courses/faculty-of-health-and-wellbeing/healthcare-professionals/arfid-an-introduction-to-diagnosis-and-management

Do get in touch with Rosan at info@rosan-paediatricdietitian.com if you think your child may benefit from a consultation. Rosan’s dietetic practice does prefer to work on a referral basis, to ensure that any underlying medical conditions are fully explored and where appropriate nutritional bloods are taken. However, she will consider each case on an individual basis.