It is thought that around 6 % of children in the UK have proven food allergies, but this figure may not reflect non-IgE mediated food allergies and certainly does not include children with food intolerances. I have been working with children with food allergies/intolerances for the last 25 years and have published numerous articles on nutritional adequacy, growth and feeding difficulties. I have also been involved in the writing of the allergy prevention guidelines for the UK and am module lead for the food hypersensitivity module at Imperial College London.

I work with specialist in this area because appropriate allergy testing, elimination diet and food challenges are a critical part of the diagnostic process. In the field of food allergies/intolerances, it is essential that the right foods are eliminated, including hidden sources and that children are optimally managed (medically and nutritionally) and foods are replaced with nutritionally equivalent alternatives. However, what is equally important is that foods are not unnecessarily eliminated, which pose a nutritional risk as well. It is therefore so important to see a specialist allergy dietitian, that can help interpret results, knows alternative products and the nutritional contribution. Additionally, can guide, where appropriate the reintroduction of foods.

I am very happy to see children with food allergies/ intolerances but require a referral from a paediatric specialist to ensure that I have access to all of the test results and most importantly a colleague to feed back to, when further investigations are needed and also when a food challenge service is required.

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Rosan has 2 video consultation clinics per week. Video consultations allow  for an assessment in the comfort of your home, whilst multiple parties can join the consultation. A video consultation also allows for a feeding assessment  within the home environment and immediate access to nutritional products/supplements. Growth measurements are taken from existing growth charts or parents can perform these using the following guidance at home. Rosan only takes patients that have been referred by a number of specific paediatric specialist to improve/increase the accuracy of the dietetic advice.

50 minute video consultation includes: > Assessment of the growth chart > Assessment of nutritional bloods (if available) > Clinical Assessment if Child Attends Consultation > Dietary Assessment > Dietary advice according to above information, including a written report. With consent from all parties, parents can also request that the consultation is recorded.