Living with food allergy – Free Webinar


Between 4-6 % of children have a proven food allergy and data indicates this number is on the rise, affecting more and more families. Food allergies have been shown to have a significant impact on both the child and the family’s quality of life, impacting on food choices, social interactions, education and carries also a financial burden. Whilst healthcare professionals understand this burden, parents of children with food allergy are often still left feeling anxious, confused and overwhelmed. There is nobody is better at explaining living with food allergies than parents of food allergic children. During this 45 min free Q and A webinar Dr. Rosan Meyer, paediatric dietician will be joined by Caroline Evans, a Parenting Consultant who has supported many families of children with food allergy, and is also mum to a son with food allergies herself. This webinar aims to look at the journey from diagnosis to management including concern’s parents have about the future, through the eyes of a parent who has also had the privilege of supporting other families faced with similar issues. Caroline hopes that sharing her personal experience, and tips learnt over the years, will be helpful to many families.