Feeding difficulties in Toddlers – The Psychologist View

by | Sep 26, 2020 | Feeding Difficulties, Toddler Nutrition

On Friday we had a Q and A webinar with Dr Elaine Mayon-White on the psychological view of feeding difficulties in toddlers. We heard that the toddler years are an important time for development and food, eating and mealtime behaviour is part of this journey. Whilst they learn to expand their texture and flavour repertoire, they also test the boundaries in their mealtime behaviour. This may mean they refuse a favourite food or even a meal, which is well within the normal behaviour of a toddler. We learnt from Dr. Mayon-White that changing mealtime behaviour and food variety intake takes time. Its therefore important for parents to decide what changes they can make and have self-compassion. Often they are doing much better in regards to feeding times and it just takes taking a step away from the situation, assessing own association to food and the current feeding pattern, that can help with finding solutions to the feeding issues.

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