Food allergy support whilst waiting for your dietitian appointment

by | Aug 10, 2020 | News

The summer holiday time can be a very difficult time for parents, when they need nutritional support for their children, but there are no appointments available. I get daily emails from parents needing dietetic advice for food allergies, but also do not have any availability until after my holiday, so understand the frustration.

As such, I have put a DIY webinar recording together, for any parent with a child with food allergies with some essential advice, whilst you are waiting to see a dietitian.

Click here to access this webinar

This webinar recording by no means replaces either a doctor or dietetic appointment as it really just provides you with some basic information until you are seen. I also have free webinars and blog posts paediatric nutrition related topics. Please see my website for further information.

Here are also some useful links:

BDA Food Fact sheet on Cow’s milk Allergy

BDA Food Fact sheet on Pollen Food Syndrome

BDA Food Fact sheet on Food Allergy and Intolerance

BDA Food Fact sheet on Food Allergy Testing

Allergy UK resources

Anaphylaxis Campaign Fact Sheets

FPIES UK resources

I hope this helps until you are seen by your dietitian.