The challenge of medical and dietary management of eczema in infancy

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Birth to 6 months, Eczema

Is this eczema? Should I worry about it? What creams should I use and are there certain foods that that I should avoid giving my baby?

These are a couple of common questions doctors and dietitians get from parents with a baby that has eczema.

For this webinar, Dr. Helen Brough, consultant paediatric allergist and Dr. Rosan Meyer, paediatric dietitian joined forces to provide an overview to carers on the ins and outs of medical and dietary management of eczema in early childhood.

We covered some medical background to the development of eczema, and provide overview on the medical and dietary management principles. This 50 min free webinar (with 10 min questions at the end) does not replace an individual consultation with a doctor and/or a dietitian.



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